Impressed Upon Me Tees


It's been impressed upon me to get this to you...


 I've been soul searching for a long time to find something I could do that would not only be a creative outlet, but also have a positive impact on our society, and if that wasn't a tall enough order I also wanted to set up my loved ones with special needs a future employment opportunity.

 One morning it came to me, after a quick meditation I put an intention of Love on the day and went about my business. Very soon I began having these ideas of getting positive messages out into the universe. The act of wearing them or even the sight of these words can make one feel a greater sense of social responsibility.

 I truly feel that I've received an impression to start this business and deliver a grand message. Through original life affirming Tees we can have a powerful impact on our world. We are the creators in this life and this is my families small part of contributing something uplifting and empowering to our community.

 This mention of a grand message brings me to the Organic and Fair Trade basis for our company. We want to do this right, and that means positive business practices from the ground up. Organic means we are not polluting our planet with more chemicals and Fair Trade means we are fairly supporting those hard working people, here and abroad, as they make our great clothing.